Good to have you back Dox! @realchaseowens

    I win because I’m not afraid of losing Say hello to the #RogueGeneral

    Retweet if you want to see this happen #BulletClub vs #taguchijapan 7’s #rugby match Japan Rugby World Cup 2019 build up .@taguchiryusuke @TimLafaele @Hendrix2E @g_leitch #rugbyworldcup .@JRFURugby .@njpw1972

    Welcome back my Tongan brother! @realchaseowens #honorarytongan

    Okada’s pants!? #fuckem!

    An excuse to smoke cigars and get wasted with you all! See yous tonight!

    We fall. We break. We fail. But then, We rise. We heal. We overcome. Thank you to EVERYONE that made 2018 a challenge and a blessing. Happy new year!

    Come have a drink and a cigar if you’re down my ways before #njwk13

    @Tama_Tonga @MattBoisjoli