Rogue General

    When you apply at a wrestling school

    Yes Wagga! We got work to do!

    徳山大学OB @njpwShowT On our way to visit our university and coaches ahead of our show tomorrow

    Finally a brand that fits


    After three long months, the new Zealand Dojo intake is at an end! Will any of the intake hopefuls get their chance in Japan? Watch the SEASON FINALE of Lion's Roar on @njpwworld this week! Catch up on the season before the episode drops! #lionsroar

    Who betrayed who!? G.O.D betrayed the #BulletClub So…..

    We're near the end of the New Zealand Dojo intake! @njpw1972 @njpwglobal @njpwworld Watch Now:… #新日本プロレス ニュージーランド道場のドキュメンタリー『LIONS ROAR』最新話を日本語字幕付きで配信開始! EPISODE 11 ⇒… #lionsroar

    Tokyo dome hotel 38th floor. Well over 10 min tremor

    Streaming now! Catch episode 9 of Lion's Roar as the intake push through a New Zealand lockdown at a critical phase! @njpwworld @njpwglobal @njpw1972… #njpw #lionsroar